The Foresta Lumina Experience

Margaret lived near the forest of Coaticook decades ago and was blessed with an uncommon gift; she could see what others could not see. The soul of this woman still breathes in these woods. Walk through Foresta Lumina’s enchanted forest to meet fantastic creatures within this magical world. Take a moment to whisper a wish to the fairies who live with Margaret and theses fantastic night creatures…

Foresta Lumina offers 2.6 km of multimedia pathway taking place in 11 different zones each describing their own beautiful illuminated manuscripts. Running from the Garden of wishes to Margaret’s secret, visitors may experience this exceptional activity at their own pace. Each multimedia experience varies between 3 to 5 minutes.

Trail map
Foresta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de CoaticookForesta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de CoaticookForesta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Magical personalities to discover…

  • The tree

    It is said that one of the forest’s ancient dead trees returns to life at night. The everlasting tree of the canyon is very kind although he often enjoys playing tricks to individuals passing by.

  • Spirit of the forest

    This spirit ensures harmony between the origins and creatures within the Canyon. Mysterious, shadowy, it rarely reveals itself to humans. Ancient folks implored it for its protection powers.

  • The fairies

    They have the ability to fulfill wishes. Beware of those who may take them for mere fireflies; as they may also become wicked and take their victims into an infernal whirlwind.

  • Thunder

    He decides of the local population’s destiny forever, creating floods and instabilities during the seasons. Ancient societies feared that occult forces might take over these powers.

  • The misty portal

    It separates earth from the imaginary world. Those who cross this barrier enter an imaginary dimension revealing the mystic secrets of this Canyon.

  • The devil

    Through his well-known appearance, this last one has been seen many times in the Canyon’s forest. Baring flames from hell to whom refuses his wicked proposals.

  • The creature

    Dreading since the dawn of times, this giant man hides in our North American forests. It is said that his bloody monster’s appetite and heart of ice are never satisfied...