Foresta Lumina - Parcours nocturne illuminé du Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Margaret lived near the forest of Coaticook decades ago and was blessed with an uncommon gift; she could see what others could not. The soul of this woman still breathes in these woods.

Discover the magical creatures
  • Garden of wishes

    Whisper a wish to the forest fairies… Some say that they grant wishes for those who are swept away by the enchanting…

  • The fairy trail

    They have the power to carry and fulfill the wishes. Beware of those who take them for simple fireflies; they can also become evil and carry their victim in an infernal whirlwind.

  • The misty portal

    It separates earth from the imaginary world. Those who cross this barrier enter an imaginary dimension revealing the mystic secrets of this Canyon.

  • The Meadow

    The fairies come together and form a mysterious symbol resembling a protective eye and then volatilize. A strange half-animal and half-man shape with big red eyes stands out in the clearing and goes to meet Margaret.

  • Land of shadows

    Margaret arrives in this bright space and finds herself face to face with the beast! Discover the symbolism of the mysterious drawing that is found in the enchanted forest…

  • Great tree harmony

    Sing the fantastic hymn through natural instruments and the spirit of the forest will manifest…

  • Devil’s hideway

    A massive frame opens on the image of Margaret. Gathered around a fire, the luminaries discover the story of the meeting between Margaret and the devil. We perceive the devil trying to charm her, but such is entwined within his own game. Using her powers Margaret hypnotizes the devil by dancing with fireflies, the devil instantly freezes on the spot.

  • Forest of illusions

    Discover the fantastic beings of the forest. A tree playing tricks, a storm and illusions; the forest reserves a few small chills.

  • The enchanted bank

    Thousands of bright spots left by so many wishes granted by the fairies invaded the banks.

  • Margaret’s secret

    Light rays seem to emerge from the cracks of the rock. Like a wave, stones begin to waltz to create a grand opening, a supernatural cave.

Moment Factory - Foresta Lumina

Experience the magic of
Foresta Lumina

Foresta Lumina is a multimedia nighttime experience along Coaticook’s Canyon. Seven beautiful manuscripts introduce the cast of fictional characters presented through sophisticated lighting, mapped media and original sound tracks. Foresta Lumina invites you in a variety of theatrical effects that create a moody but magical setting. Visitors enter an imaginary heritage of the region and capture the mythology of the Quebec forest. Be part of those “luminaries” who will experience this magical journey!

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Foresta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de CoaticookForesta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de CoaticookForesta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook
Foresta Lumina - multimedia nighttime experience at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Comments from visitors

“Foresta Lumina is THE place you have to visit if you want to experience a magical experience. (…) The most intense and magical sensory experience in Quebec! Basically 2 km of pure happiness and magic. In addition to living this imaginary world experience, you will also have the chance to cross the longest suspended footbridge in North America! A complete magical experience. ”

Jessica Prudencio, March 16, 2016, Web Content Writer at Narcity

“This summer …I was amazed by Foresta Lumina and simply astonished by what Moment Factory created in Le Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. I was absolutely not disappointed. Like thousands of fireflies, the lights illuminated this mysterious and captivating natural trail. Near the water it was simply a magical moment. ”

Sophie Durocher, September 4, 2016, Journalist at Journal de Montréal

“To see again and again. It is magic! In addition to sound and lighting effects, this natural site provides a fantastic woody smell providing another great pleasure. ”

Solange Soucis, April 26, 2016, Facebook
“This 2 km course is particularly exciting for children as it takes place during nighttime in a magical atmosphere. “
Anne-Marie Parent, April 16, 2016, Journalist
“During summer season, Le parc de la Gorge de Coaticook welcomes visitors into its “enchanted” forest. A walk offering a dual of magic and technology. “
February 2016, Revue Explotechno
“It’s a must. It must be seen this summer! (…) Something to live, feel and see. (…) I definitively stayed under the charm of this event. “
Marcel Bouchard, August 8, 2015, Salut Bonjour Weekend Chronicler
“Oh WOW! It’s just magic!!! We walked the trail in the afternoon. It was very beautiful. But the night…. With all these sets of lights, the suspended bridge lit …. It is magic!! What a wonderful idea! “
July 22, 2015, Tripadvisor