Foresta Lumina will be back in 2016! See you soon.

Calendar 2016 is coming soon.

It is said that the fairies listen to the wishes of those who let themselves be entranced by the mysteries of the forest in the Coaticook gorge. What is your wish?
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1The Foresta Lumina experience2
Focused on highlighting the park, its natural beauty, and its mysteries, Forest Lumina is a night-illuminated pathway created for one of the most-travelled trails in Quebec, famous for its suspended footbridge, the longest in North America.
1Once upon a time…2
Designed for people of all ages, this pathway is the product ofinnovative stage design, lighting, and video mapping,and features an original soundtrack. The trail leads into a world inspired by the region’s legendary characters and Quebec’s forest mythology.
1Hours and rates2
Free for children ages 5 and under accompanied by an adult!

June 20, 2015 to July 31, 2015
From 21h00
August 01, 2015 to August 30, 2015
From 20H30
August 31, 2015 to September 06, 2015
From 20h00
September 07, 2015 to September 12, 2015
Friday and Saturday
From 20h00
September 13, 2015 to September 26, 2015
Friday and Saturday
From 19H30
September 27, 2015 to October 11, 2015
Friday and Saturday (+ Oct. 11)
From 19h00
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Under 5 years old
6 to 15 years old - Discount for additional child : 1.50 $
9,00 $
16 years old & over
16,00 $
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• Please note that a $2.00 (+ taxes) service charge will be added to your purchase.
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