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The tree

It is said that one of the forest’s ancient dead trees returns to life at night. The everlasting tree of the canyon is very kind although he often enjoys playing tricks to individuals passing by.

2017-08-09T16:51:04-04:00August 2nd, 2017|History|

Spirit of the forest

This spirit ensures harmony between the origins and creatures within the Canyon. Mysterious, shadowy, it rarely reveals itself to humans. Ancient folks implored it for its protection powers.

2017-08-09T16:52:48-04:00April 19th, 2017|History|

The fairies

They have the ability to fulfill wishes. Beware of those who may take them for mere fireflies; as they may also become wicked and take their victims into an infernal whirlwind.

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He decides of the local population’s destiny forever, creating floods and instabilities during the seasons. Ancient societies feared that occult forces might take over these powers.

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The misty portal

It separates earth from the imaginary world. Those who cross this barrier enter an imaginary dimension revealing the mystic secrets of this Canyon.

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