Useful information

We strongly recommend that you book your tickets online, a head of time, in order to preserve the desired time allocation. The entire Foresta Lumina experience takes place outdoors. For safety reasons due to partially leveled but not asphalted trails it is important to wear adapted footwear and remain cautious at all times in order to avoid risk of injuries (sprain, bone fracture etc.). When acquiring your tickets, you undertake the activity ACCEPTING THE RISKS and ACKNOWLEDGING THE CAUSES entailed by this activity. You agree to play an active role in managing these risks by taking a precautionary attitude towards yourself and other individuals in your surroundings.

The experience still takes place even in the rain; be sure to bring a rain jacket. Of course, if there is a major storm, we reserve the right to close Foresta Lumina, in order to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors. Management takes the decision to open/close at 3 pm.

Cancellation : If we need to cancel certain time schedules, a purple banner will appear at the top of our website starting at 3 pm and the information will also be on our Facebook page under: Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook & Foresta Lumina. It is therefore your responsibility to verify in case of bad weather conditions if the events are cancelled. Guests will then receive an email during the day to give them the procedure to postpone their visit to a later date for the current season. If you do not see a purple banner around 3 pm, Foresta Lumina is open.

The entire experience takes place outside within the Canyon’s trails which are partially leveled but not asphalted. These paths are not recommended for people with reduced mobility since they consider several step levels, downhill and climbing as well as the crossing of the Canyon’s suspended footbridge. Using a baby carrier is recommended although strollers are not recommended including the off-road/sports models.

You can purchase your tickets either online, by calling 1 888 524-6743 or directly on the Foresta Lumina site at 135 Michaud, Coaticook, QC J1A 1A9, as soon as the summer season begins.

Your ticket is valid for the current season only. If you cannot print your ticket, keep your confirmation on your portable phone or mention your name or order number upon arrival. The time you booked is a time space so for example, if you booked a ticket for 9 pm your departure is assured between 9 pm and 9:30 pm.

Of course! Visitors may combine Foresta Lumina with numerous activities offered at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook and the Parc Découverte Nature. Get a discount when combining 2 or more activities.

Not necessarily, we can validate tickets individually. However, make sure that each person has a copy of the confirmation on hand.
The site closes at the end of the day and visitors must leave the trails in order to prepare Foresta Lumina. We recommend that you verify the site’s exact opening schedule. You can also find several activity suggestions or interesting restaurants by referring to the Tourisme Coaticook.

Several options are available to you. You can download the map from our website or download the free Ondago app from the App Store or Google Play.

It is possible to park free of charge downtown (18, Manège Street, Coaticook). The Shuttle trip is five minutes and includes the round trip from downtown to Foresta Lumina. Departures are available every thirty minutes. The shuttles are also available until Foresta Lumina closes.

A parking lot is also available for visitors directly on-site at 135, Michaud Street, Coaticook, J1A 1A9

You will be able to enter the site even if you are late less than 30 minutes. Although, please note that we cannot let you in before your reserved time space if you arrive earlier.

Foresta Lumina’s experience may be compared to a concert or a movie admission. If you are not able to be present, we do not make any refunds or modifications on your initial purchase.

Pets are not allowed on site.

The pathway is 2.6 km and takes between one to two hours depending on each visitor.

With pleasure! However, we do not suggest using the flash option for pictures.
Restrooms are available near the parking, downtown if you take the free shuttle, at our front desk and halfway distance of the Foresta Lumina trip.
The firefly, our on-site snack bar, will allow you to discover several local product flavors and is located in the entrance area. Only cash is accepted as method of payment